• Groenlo, Gelderland

    Appartement Havezate

    An aparthotel built on historic ground, on the edge of holiday park Marveld. A special place to get away from it all. Book now a stay in one of the beautiful apartments or the attractive Tower Room and enjoy our hotel accommodation with luxury wellness. 

    Hotel rooms types from 100
    • Appartement Havezate Marveld More info
  • Renesse/Noordwelle, Zeeland

    Hotel suittes

    Almost all of the 40 hotel suites are specially equipped for families where children come first. The separate bedroom in the suite allows the children to spend the night in their own room, which is cozy and child-friendly. A number of hotel suites can be linked to the adjoining suite, making it possible to celebrate holidays with more people or families!

    Hotel rooms types from 100
    • Baby Suite 80-100 m2 More info
    • Family suite 4 150 m2 More info
    • Family Suite 5 50 m2 More info
    • Children's suite 150 m2 More info
    • Disabled suite 4 100 m2 More info
    • Disability suite 6 80-100 m2 More info
    • Suittes 80-100 m2 More info
    • XXL Family Suite 5 150 m2 More info
    • XXL Family suite 6 80-100 m2 More info

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Kies periode en boek

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