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Writing requires taking abstract thinking even further. When children learn to write, they use letters to represent the sounds they hear in a word. For that reason, for what they write in English to make sense, they need to have acquired a solid knowledge of the oral language, since they must know how the words sound before writing them down. The process from concrete thinking to abstract representations is more or less like this: Step 1: we have the concrete experience of the hairball over the fence. Step 2: we represent the hairy ball in different ways (dance, drawing, plasticine figure, mime, painting, etc.). Step 3: We learn from those around us (listening) that we can also refer to that hairy ball in English by saying / kæt /. Step 4: We understand that the letters cat represent (when reading or writing) the sounds of the word / kæt /. As you can see, writing is the last step, you can refer to typemyessays.com/plagiarism at any time for making your writing better, but first of all it requires complex abstract thinking since it is very far from the concrete experience. That is why we have to make sure, especially with young children, not to do without steps 2 and 3, in a kind of career aimed at demonstrating learning by writing the words. These steps are vital, as they follow the way in which children's thinking develops: concrete -> abstract -> even more abstract.

Camping de Kleine Wolf
0031 (0)529 457203

Camping Julianahoeve
0031 (0)111 461414

Marveld Recreatie
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Recreatiepark TerSpegelt
0031 (0)497-512016

Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust
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Vakantiepark Beerze Bulten
00 31 (0)523 - 251 398

Vakantiepark De Twee Bruggen
0031 (0)543565366


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